Food for thought if the cafe culture

By PAM KERSHAW – interview with Lola Lang, business broker

“So you want to join the cafe society. Perhaps run a little cafe by the sea in Sydney, learn to make the perfect lane, chat to the regulars as you whip up their breakfast omelet. While a cafe can be very lucrative if well located and well run, it can also be a fairly demanding business. As a result, there is a high turnover of cafes and a high burnout rate among inexperienced operators, says Lola Lang, the principal of Lang Consultancy NSW, a specialist hospitality industry broker. She says it is essential that new operators think carefully about what they want from a cafe, and what sort of commitment they can make. “Years ago people were quite prepared to work six or seven day weeks, day and night,” she says. Now, the most sought after cafes in Sydney are five-day-a-week operations, located in the city or North Sydney commercial belts where they do not open nights or weekends…”

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